How do I add a new note to my outline?

Your outlines allow you to create and add new notes to them. To begin, right click on an existing section or note in your outline. You will see a menu appear that allows you to insert (visible only if right clicking on sections) or add above/below (visible to any note you right click on).

Hover over the menu item identifying where you want the new note added to and then you will see a list of note types available to you.

The types of notes you can add to GavelNote outlines are the following:

  • Class Notes
    Add formatted text notes using an online word processor. Great for daily class notes.
  • Case Brief
    Add templated case briefs for quickly briefing cases.
  • Statute
    Add statutes to your outline that are covered in your courses.
  • Black Letter
    Add notes related to black letter treatises to your outline.
  • Inline Text
    If you want and need inline text in your outline you can use this note type. Great way for quickly commenting on sections or other important notes that you don’t want to forget.
  • Hypo
    Add hypos to your outline to remember scenarios covered in your book or by your professor to help explain rules of law.
  • File
    Bring all of your associated files into your outline. Great for syllabus, handouts, cases, practice exams, etc.
  • Shared Note
    Add notes that other classmates have shared with you. Great for if you miss a class or are in a study group with others.

Once you select what type of note you want to add you will be asked to name the note. Give it a name and click the “Add” button.

Once the note is added simply click the name of the note in your outline to expand the note and view its contents.

Since we’ve added a case brief note we see an empty template for all case brief related fields. If we added a different type of note we’d see different fields specific to that type of note type.


When adding Files, Inline Text, and Shared notes the dialog window you see is different from just asking you to name a note. Files ask you to browse for a file on your computer. Inline Text immediately inserts blank text for you to begin typing. Shared notes bring up a dialog box to select notes from friends who have shared with you.